Friday, February 25, 2011

Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi?

The mentality of Ultras is our own and difficult to describe,
but it's clear where we've got our inspiration from.
We are an ultras group and as every other ultras group
we identify with the original ultras around the world.
We have mixed and transformed this style to the conditions
in Malaysia and in that way made our own mentality.

We want to stand for a creative,
active and fanatical support to National Team.
Through constant singing, jumping, using of flags and so on we want
to create a passionate atmosphere to bring our team to new victories.
We go to the games for one reason only;
to support the team visually and verbally.

The supporter culture and the support to your club are not only
about supporting the team on the pitch, but also about prestige
to other clubs and supporters.

We want to make Malaysia the proudest team to represent.
We want Malaysia to continue having the most aware and knowing
supporters/supporter groups. Clear mentality, style and attitude is very important.

Ultras Malaya and the supporters of the team shall never in the future
be able to be laughed at or made fun of at any level.

The Group,The Team n The rest.

p/s; under the big yellow jersey of MALAYSIA


azroy arman said...

proud of harimau malaya...and of course the tiger in my dear chapet..

chapet said...

hehe,thanks sir..