Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel: A Coward Country

The world has become blind.
Obama can do nothing because he is just nothing except Israel's new toy!
Worse is, we,muslim countries only can watch & see..
The first step is just as simple as to be united! Stop being their dog!!

Isreal is not the only country blocking Supply to Gaza. Egypt is doing the same.

And if i'm not mistaken, When a group of them sent supplies via Trucks, Our Malaysians were inprisoned as well. They had trouble. No doubt no loss of life but i have to Ask WHY? You never highlighted this.

Why would an Islamic country deny Help to a fellow Muslim at their Doorstep?

It is because Egypt denies entry that they had to go by Boat.

So now they go by boat. They are attacked. 12 people Die. Israelis' say they were attacked,

The boat people say otherwise. Those who support Palestine will say Israel is at fault, those who support Israel will say they need to investigate the matter.

Reminds me of an incident where Some Authorities shot at some teenagers, Claimed they were attacked, there was a weapon initially but then no Weapon found at the scene,

The victims foot was on the Accelerator and yet they claimed he tried to reverse into them. One innocent life was lost. Has Justice been served in that incident? Was there a war we didn't know about?

I believe if our commandos can bring them back home safely, they're our real heroes.

The ones who are being rescued also heroes, heroes of humanity. Even if the mission fails, it will leave the good psychology effect on the citizens that Malaysian government will not abandon its citizens even in a flying bullets situation.

Otherwise, if there's no effort to save them, we as Malaysian will abandon the current government.

I understand there will be many diplomatic issues, liability problems will entangle along the process, but we have to act fast.

The more we wait, the more dangers await them. This is not an act to declare a war on Israel, it's just to save them from death; just like the doctors did to patients on the deathbed, same as we did to people who are almost die due to fire, drown and etc.

Secondly, we sent our Navy to escort our tankers off the coast of Somalia; Gulf Eden, but why not these peace missions be escorted by our own navy ships?

I strongly recommended that the next peace missions to Gaza should be escorted by joined naval forces either they're from Royal Malaysian Navy, United Nations or other countries who support such a mission all the way from the designated port to Gaza and back to homeland.

I believe the escort mission carried out by these joined naval forces could stop the Israeli Navy and Air Force from intercept the ships which are full of foods, clean waters, medicines, blankets, clothes and etc.

I believe such a large fleet could protect all hands on board these ships. Such action could shows to the world especially to those Israeli punks how serious we are to carried out the duty of humanity to support the Palestinians.

Viva Palestina!