Sunday, August 16, 2009

is it INDIE?

what is indie?
a lot youngsters nowadays think that.

indie is a kind of music, trend, fashion, life..

well, actually it is NOT!!

the word INDIE itself taken from the INDEPENDENT which means not
dependent; not depending or contigent upon something else.

so, no matter what artisitc work that you do as long it is DIY, it does'nt affliated
with other then its indie.

that means, it doesn't matter if its METAL, SCREAMO, HARDCORE, PUNK ROCK or even BRIT POP.

to the SCHOOLBOYS and SCHOOLGIRLS out there that thought they are indie
just by taking pictures at the FREE GIGS and being proud wearing the colourful skinny
well, think again fellas!
you guys are just lalangs.
when someone like a new band for example, you also like it.
when someone give a fuck to someone, you also give a fuck.

is it INDIE?

when peoples shouting "SUPPORT OUR LOCAL MUSIC"
you also fucking love to shout it.

the 'LOCAL MUSIC' in your head is just several bands like
just because you are listen to their music

hey,that doesn't mean that you're INDIE.
here, i'm not being racist or what.
it's just a reality.
a reality that happen to our kids currently.

proud with colorful tight skinny jeans and free gigs.

p/s: don't humiliate yourself please.